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Invest in digital marketing to expand

August 26, 2022 1 Min 33 Secs

Invest in digital marketing to expand

Some grant programs have covered significant investments in marketing services we provide for companies operating in Canada.

A recent New York Times article entitled "The World Economy Is Imperiled by a Force Hiding in Plain Sight" talks about a multitude of economic issues such as rising inflation, rising interest rates, supply chain problems, but most importantly, it calls attention to the elephant in the room for the past two and a half years: the pandemic.

Yet this is a great time to bring back to the table development projects that have been put on hold for too long for all sorts of reasons due to other factors that have nothing to do with economic or pandemic virus issues.

You can approach larger clients whose budgets are not being hit and are generally less influenced by economic changes. by economic changes. Get ready to take action!

With the SEO work done, there is usually a lag of several weeks between publishing and results. But clients who rely solely on a CPC campaign to get leads are going to struggle to make progress. You need to prioritize SEO first.

Most of the campaigns we run have an SEO investment equal to or greater than CPC. The results our clients see are significant enough and bring in new business to justify maintaining this strategy.

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