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Better planning for better performance. To begin, listen to better understand the business needs and expectations of the target market. Develop the action plan and document the recommendations.
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    array(6) { ["romyelliot"]=> array(3) { ["nomClient"]=> string(10) "RomyElliot" ["top"]=> string(7) "top.jpg" ["items"]=> array(26) { ["img-1"]=> string(11) "thumb-1.jpg" ["txt-1"]=> string(21) "couverture RomyElliot" ["img-2"]=> string(10) "mockup.jpg" ["txt-2"]=> string(17) "Mockup RomyElliot" ["img-carousel-1"]=> string(11) "siteweb.jpg" ["img-carousel-1-ALT"]=> string(19) "Site web RomyElliot" ["carousel-1"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(16) "Digital strategy" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(167) "More than 50 well-known brands for men and women and several products per brand. The site is a showcase that makes you want to live a customer experience in the store." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } } ["img-full-video"]=> array(0) { } ["img-full-video-wsound"]=> bool(false) ["img-full"]=> string(7) "mag.jpg" ["img-full-alt"]=> string(0) "" ["img-center-1"]=> string(7) "tag.jpg" ["img-center-alt-1"]=> string(21) "Étiquette RomyElliot" ["img-center-1-video"]=> string(0) "" ["img-center"]=> string(0) "" ["txt-center-titre"]=> string(15) "Advertisements " ["txt-center"]=> string(115) "The photoshoot of major brands highlight looks and styles. The store ads and publications reflect them brilliantly." ["txt-center-note"]=> string(0) "" ["txt_center_href"]=> string(7) "contact" ["txt_center_href_label"]=> string(18) "Want to know more?" ["img-carousel-2"]=> string(17) "mockup-iphone.jpg" ["img-carousel-2-ALT"]=> string(15) "Site web mobile" ["carousel-2"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(11) "Newsletters" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(133) "Measurable results through each newsletter sent. The looks change but the strategy is in place. The database is continuously updated." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } } ["img-center-2"]=> string(19) "banniere-rollup.jpg" ["img-center-alt-2"]=> string(16) "Bannière rollup" ["img-center-2-video"]=> string(0) "" } } ["alphacasting"]=> array(3) { ["nomClient"]=> string(12) "Alphacasting" ["top"]=> string(7) "top.jpg" ["items"]=> array(26) { ["img-1"]=> string(11) "thumb-1.jpg" ["txt-1"]=> string(23) "Badge logo Alphacasting" ["img-carousel-1"]=> string(12) "brochure.jpg" ["img-carousel-1-ALT"]=> string(18) "Brochure imprimée" ["carousel-1"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(25) "Global Production Service" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(107) "In a period of sustained growth, a global marketing department must meet short, medium and long-term needs." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } } ["img-full-video"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(20) "Alphacasting-WEB.mp4" [1]=> string(21) "Alphacasting-WEB.webm" } ["img-full-video-wsound"]=> bool(false) ["img-full"]=> string(16) "siteweb-ipad.jpg" ["img-full-alt"]=> string(0) "" ["img-center-1"]=> string(18) "siteweb-iphone.jpg" ["img-center-alt-1"]=> string(23) "Site web version mobile" ["img-center-1-video"]=> string(0) "" ["img-center"]=> string(0) "" ["txt-center-titre"]=> string(10) "Confidence" ["txt-center"]=> string(195) "is solidified with each production: booth for international trade shows, one-time events for major clients, 3D animation, promotional items. Our business relationships are based on the long term." ["txt-center-note"]=> string(0) "" ["txt_center_href"]=> string(7) "contact" ["txt_center_href_label"]=> string(18) "Want to know more?" ["img-2"]=> string(11) "drapeau.jpg" ["txt-2"]=> string(20) "Drapeau Alphacasting" ["img-carousel-2"]=> string(13) "casquette.jpg" ["img-carousel-2-ALT"]=> string(25) "Casquette outil marketing" ["carousel-2"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(19) "Web - Video - Print" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(164) "These are the marketing tools needed for a company present on 3 continents in specialized markets such as aerospace, military, telecommunications, medical and more." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } } ["img-center-2"]=> string(20) "cartes-daffaires.jpg" ["img-center-alt-2"]=> string(17) "Cartes d'affaires" ["img-center-2-video"]=> string(0) "" } } ["elarry"]=> array(3) { ["nomClient"]=> string(17) "Entreprises Larry" ["top"]=> string(7) "top.jpg" ["items"]=> array(26) { ["img-1"]=> string(11) "thumb-1.jpg" ["txt-1"]=> string(17) "Boutique en ligne" ["img-carousel-1"]=> string(11) "projets.jpg" ["img-carousel-1-ALT"]=> string(11) "Infolettres" ["carousel-1"]=> array(2) { [0]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(9) "The Brand" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(159) "Ingersoll Rand and Entreprises Larry have engineering and attractive equipment in the market. We provide them with the marketing tools to create opportunities." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } [1]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(32) "Marketing tools by industry type" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(92) "The sectoral approach is the solution to develop customized marketing tools for sales teams." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } } ["img-full-video"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(14) "elarry-web.mp4" [1]=> string(15) "elarry-web.webm" } ["img-full-video-wsound"]=> bool(false) ["img-full"]=> string(21) "mockup-responsive.jpg" ["img-full-alt"]=> string(0) "" ["img-center-1"]=> string(13) "papeterie.jpg" ["img-center-alt-1"]=> string(24) "Papeterie personnalisée" ["img-center-1-video"]=> string(0) "" ["img-center"]=> string(0) "" ["txt-center-titre"]=> string(17) "Digital Marketing" ["txt-center"]=> string(151) "There are multiple digital marketing techniques. The main goals to figure out: increase conversions, convert visits into requests, requests into sales." ["txt-center-note"]=> string(0) "" ["txt_center_href"]=> string(7) "contact" ["txt_center_href_label"]=> string(18) "Want to stand out?" ["img-2"]=> string(10) "tshirt.jpg" ["txt-2"]=> string(22) "Matériel promotionnel" ["img-carousel-2"]=> string(26) "iphone-application-web.jpg" ["img-carousel-2-ALT"]=> string(32) "Applications Web sur téléphone" ["carousel-2"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(16) "Web Applications" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(118) "Applications for work become indispensable tools as soon as they are implemented. They make work teams more efficient." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } } ["img-center-2"]=> string(17) "ruban-adhesif.jpg" ["img-center-alt-2"]=> string(36) "Matériel promotionnel personnalisé" ["img-center-2-video"]=> string(0) "" } } ["fenetresconcerto"]=> array(3) { ["nomClient"]=> string(18) "Fenêtres Concerto" ["top"]=> string(7) "top.jpg" ["items"]=> array(26) { ["img-1"]=> string(11) "thumb-1.jpg" ["txt-1"]=> string(36) "Application sur mobile prix en ligne" ["img-carousel-1"]=> string(31) "configurateur-prix-en-ligne.jpg" ["img-carousel-1-ALT"]=> string(38) "Application configurateur de fenêtres" ["carousel-1"]=> array(2) { [0]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(9) "The Brand" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(216) "CONCERTO is constantly improving its notoriety thanks to achievements that stand out in the market: energy saving calculator, innovative web applications to generate leads, 3D animations, product presentation videos." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } [1]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(21) "Innovations - Results" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(74) "Serving manufacturing companies in the window and door industry since 2006" ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } } ["img-full-video"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(39) "fenetres-concerto-testees-a-moins30.mp4" [1]=> string(40) "fenetres-concerto-testees-a-moins30.webm" } ["img-full-video-wsound"]=> bool(false) ["img-full"]=> string(29) "application-configurateur.jpg" ["img-full-alt"]=> string(0) "" ["img-center-1"]=> string(23) "production-brochure.jpg" ["img-center-alt-1"]=> string(8) "Brochure" ["img-center-1-video"]=> string(0) "" ["img-center"]=> string(0) "" ["txt-center-titre"]=> string(7) "Results" ["txt-center"]=> string(193) "Better planning for better performance. To begin, listen to better understand the business needs and expectations of the target market. Develop the action plan and document the recommendations." ["txt-center-note"]=> string(0) "" ["txt_center_href"]=> string(7) "contact" ["txt_center_href_label"]=> string(18) "Want to stand out?" ["img-2"]=> string(19) "application-web.jpg" ["txt-2"]=> string(15) "Application web" ["img-carousel-2"]=> string(11) "thumb-2.jpg" ["img-carousel-2-ALT"]=> string(16) "Modélisation 3D" ["carousel-2"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(14) "Housing Market" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(100) "Formulate strategies by examining opportunities that meet the desires and aspirations of homeowners." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } } ["img-center-2"]=> string(16) "siteweb-ipad.jpg" ["img-center-alt-2"]=> string(23) "Développement web ipad" ["img-center-2-video"]=> string(0) "" } } ["energi"]=> array(5) { ["nomClient"]=> string(32) "ENERGI Solutions de Fenestration" ["nomClientEN"]=> string(29) "ENERGI Fenestration Solutions" ["top"]=> string(7) "top.jpg" ["topEN"]=> string(10) "top-en.jpg" ["items"]=> array(30) { ["img-1"]=> string(11) "thumb-1.jpg" ["txt-1"]=> string(8) "Site web" ["img-1-en"]=> string(14) "thumb-1-en.jpg" ["txt-1-en"]=> string(7) "Website" ["img-carousel-1"]=> string(31) "modelisation-3d-profile-pvc.jpg" ["img-carousel-1-ALT"]=> string(16) "Modélisation 3D" ["carousel-1"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(8) "Modeling" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(114) "3D modeling from AutoCAD files. Extremely realistic rendering of images, similar or even better than a photograph." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } } ["img-full-video"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(30) "energi-systeme-de-fenetres.mp4" [1]=> string(31) "energi-systeme-de-fenetres.webm" } ["img-full-video-wsound"]=> bool(false) ["img-full"]=> string(23) "systeme-de-fenetres.jpg" ["img-full-alt"]=> string(33) "Video Système de fenêtre ENERGI" ["img-center-1"]=> string(30) "configurateur-portes-patio.jpg" ["img-center-alt-1"]=> string(26) "Configurateur portes patio" ["img-center-1-video"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(37) "energi-configurateur-portes-patio.mp4" [1]=> string(38) "energi-configurateur-portes-patio.webm" } ["img-center-1-en"]=> string(27) "patio-door-configurator.jpg" ["img-center-alt-1-en"]=> string(23) "Patio Door Configurator" ["img-center-1-video-en"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(34) "energi-patio-door-configurator.mp4" [1]=> string(35) "energi-patio-door-configurator.webm" } ["txt-center-titre"]=> string(16) "Digital Strategy" ["txt-center"]=> string(126) "Customized applications, in continuous improvement, to generate leads - CRM Solution - Performance report and recommendations." ["txt-center-note"]=> string(0) "" ["txt_center_href"]=> string(7) "contact" ["txt_center_href_label"]=> string(18) "Want to know more?" ["img-2"]=> string(9) "brand.jpg" ["txt-2"]=> string(30) "Développement image de marque" ["img-carousel-2"]=> string(31) "publication-reseaux-sociaux.jpg" ["img-carousel-2-ALT"]=> string(28) "Publication réseaux sociaux" ["carousel-2"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(19) "Publishing Services" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(125) "Writing, translation, graphic design, newsletter (including DB management). Social media (comments management, e-reputation)." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } } ["img-center-2"]=> string(15) "video-corpo.jpg" ["img-center-alt-2"]=> string(18) "Vidéo corporative" ["img-center-2-video"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(14) "energi-web.mp4" [1]=> string(15) "energi-web.webm" } } } ["eclairagehitech"]=> array(4) { ["nomClient"]=> string(17) "Éclairage HITECH" ["nomClientEN"]=> string(17) "Éclairage HITECH" ["top"]=> string(7) "top.jpg" ["items"]=> array(31) { ["img-1"]=> string(11) "thumb-1.jpg" ["txt-1"]=> string(8) "Site web" ["img-1-en"]=> string(14) "thumb-1-en.jpg" ["txt-1-en"]=> string(7) "Website" ["img-carousel-1"]=> string(0) "" ["img-carousel-1-ALT"]=> string(0) "" ["carousel-1"]=> array(3) { [0]=> array(6) { ["titre"]=> string(7) "Website" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(117) "The website production was the beginning of a business relationship that expanded horizons and created opportunities." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" ["img-carousel"]=> string(19) "projet-site-web.jpg" ["img-carousel-ALT"]=> string(18) "Création site web" } [1]=> array(6) { ["titre"]=> string(13) "Customization" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(104) "Integrate an application into a website so that it becomes an integral part of it. Mission accomplished!" ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" ["img-carousel"]=> string(24) "application-site-web.jpg" ["img-carousel-ALT"]=> string(30) "Développement Application web" } [2]=> array(6) { ["titre"]=> string(18) "Measurable results" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(69) "Everything has been configured to obtain conversions, generate leads." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" ["img-carousel"]=> string(31) "formulaire-contact-site-web.jpg" ["img-carousel-ALT"]=> string(27) "Formulaire contact site web" } } ["img-full-video"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(17) "hitech-casino.mp4" [1]=> string(18) "hitech-casino.webm" } ["img-full-video-wsound"]=> bool(true) ["img-full"]=> string(16) "video-casino.jpg" ["img-full-alt"]=> string(23) "Production vidéo drone" ["img-center-1"]=> string(19) "image-de-marque.jpg" ["img-center-alt-1"]=> string(15) "Image de marque" ["img-center-1-en"]=> string(12) "branding.jpg" ["img-center-alt-1-en"]=> string(8) "Branding" ["img-center-1-video"]=> string(0) "" ["txt-center-titre"]=> string(8) "Branding" ["txt-center"]=> string(157) "A clean identity that will evolve properly over time. It was inspired by the creative energy deployed during the course of the Production. Want to stand out?" ["txt-center-note"]=> string(0) "" ["txt_center_href"]=> string(7) "contact" ["txt_center_href_label"]=> string(18) "Want to stand out?" ["img-2"]=> string(29) "banderole-image-de-marque.jpg" ["txt-2"]=> string(30) "Développement image de marque" ["img-2-en"]=> string(18) "marketing-tool.jpg" ["txt-2-en"]=> string(14) "Marketing tool" ["img-carousel-2"]=> string(26) "production-video-drone.jpg" ["img-carousel-2-ALT"]=> string(12) "Vidéo drone" ["carousel-2"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(4) { ["titre"]=> string(16) "Video production" ["sous-titre"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(123) "A major production deserves to be seen with all the necessary effect to motivate contact and create impact in your network." ["text-note"]=> string(0) "" } } ["img-center-2"]=> string(20) "production-video.jpg" ["img-center-alt-2"]=> string(29) "Production vidéo corporative" ["img-center-2-video"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(15) "hitech-anim.mp4" [1]=> string(16) "hitech-anim.webm" } } } }
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