Web application

The full potential of the internet - also a work tool

Paper form or online form?

A continuous effort to develop solutions related to new trends in Internet usage encourages us to offer various options for Web applications at work.

  • Inventory Management
  • Work / employee management at the factory or at the customer's.
  • Energy saving calculator
  • Automated archiving of requests

A typical Web application

Entry of employee work order data

Simplify the management of jobs / employees in the factory or at the customer


Here are some advantages of this application

Sharing data with all managers

Access information during production without having to travel to the factory or visit the work sites.


Your accounting department will have access to the information to bill the work and for the payroll service. The activity of each employee is listed (by given period - work by client).

Time sheets (work order)

Employees complete a work order online. It is archived in the system automatically. No more dirty, torn or even lost time sheets.

Management of work in progress and pay

Time control on work in progress: know the progress of the work in real time, for a particular employee or several employees. Another advantage – better time management.

Communications - Obtaining and Disseminating Information

  • Obtain employee feedback on ongoing work on a daily basis.
  • Send a targeted message or to all employees and be certain that it will be read.

Excellent reference work tool

  • Archiving and quick search by employee or by job number.
  • Access the execution time for a completed job; good reference for bidding on similar work.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration of this new tool that will save you time and money!

Paiement en ligne

A typical case of the online payment solution

Online payment solutions


  • Implement a scalable solution at a minimum startup cost
  • Automate all steps of a solution when the volume of transactions warrants
  • Use our CMS to allow you to import your invoices into the system. One invoice at a time, PDF file.
  • Link our payment system to your website
  • Set up your customer account with the payment system fund
    • No need to go through your bank
    • No need for shopping cart
    • A customer may select more than one invoice to make a payment
  • An administrator can use the system to send a notice to customers at the end of the payment term.
  • One hour of training to show you how the system works.