Google Ads (AdWords) Campaign

Reach the top!

Internet advertising campaign - CPC (cost per click)

Benefit from the expertise of a professional team to make your campaign profitable and deliver effective impact on all types of devices (desktop and mobile).


Why Google AdWords?

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase the number of visits to your website
  • Keep your customers loyal
  • Increase online sales
  • Promote a service or product
  • Optimize your positioning in search engines


  • Measurable (Google AdWords statistics reports on number of views and clicks)
  • Precise targeting by geolocation (countries, regions, cities)
  • Easy management of ads (start, stop, edit)
  • You only pay for clicks to your site.

Proposed approach

  • Strategic analysis
  • Creating ads
  • Definition of parameters: budget, target territories, regions, cities
  • Training (if you want to manage the account)
  • Validation results (Return on investment)
  • Updated performance report

Ready for launch?