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Strategic | Digital | Creative

Global Service / Global Vision. Our expertise combined with our creativity will allow us to evaluate all the opportunities available to you in order to prepare an effective marketing action plan. Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Formulate strategies and tactics. Define project objectives and parameters.

Making the right strategic choices is one of the key factors in the success of an action plan.

The quality of our analysis and our technical skills will help you put your business on the road to success. By keeping the focus on the customer experience, sales will be there! We will provide you with the information and recommendations you need to make the right decisions.

Strategic Program

We will analyze current and projected data within the framework of proven solutions. Establish a monitoring and evaluation mode.

To evaluate the performance of your digital marketing campaigns, the first benchmark is the ratio of sessions converted to queries, then queries converted to quote and sales. Approximately 90% of users do not go beyond the first page in search results. Paying to get to the first page (CPC, cost per click) is simple, but generating results is less so.

Digital Program

Innovation is essential for business development in times of economic change.

Enhance the message. Write clear headings and statements. Identify key facts that will help build awareness of your company and brand image. The quality of the design plays a determining role.

Creative Program


Strategic | Digital | Creative

The action plan and the strategic plan are interrelated in the deployment, in the actions that will be carried out to achieve the short, medium and long-term objectives. It will be an opportunity to mobilize a team and assume responsibilities with the tools needed to perform and analyze the results.

Clearly identify the process to be followed by providing the tools and documents that reflect it.

Plan and monitor the deployment. Take action by examining your company's internal and external environments to make the most of your strengths and develop your sales.

Strategic Action

Without CRM, 79% of your inbound leads will not be converted into sales.

Centralize information to better manage your resources. You invest to generate new leads, use a management tool to optimize results.

Digital Action

Be proactive. Formulate strategies by examining opportunities.

By analyzing the current state of your communications with customers (prospects and assets), you will be able to clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly at the appropriate time.

Creative Action


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