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Marketing and Business Strategies

What would be the best methods or combinations of tricks to sell my brand, product or service? Market knowledge is the key to starting an action plan. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Identify your strengths to mobilize customers and motivate contacts.

Setting the budget and action plan

Invest your budget according to priorities: creative, upgrading, advertising, promotion. Tools to verify results are available.
We know how to make data talk!

B2B 2% à 5% des revenus
B2C 5% à 10% des revenus

Choose the media to spread the message

There are multiple channels with targets and strategies.

Begin with reaching customers where they are through different marketing channels at the time of their shopping. Knowing their needs, interests and behaviors are essential to capture their attention and get them to buy from you.

Understand Customer Behaviour

Identify the persona(s): values, attitudes, emotions, expectations. Motivations in a purchasing process and/or the obstacles to the transaction of your typical customers.

Opt for a strategy of sustained analysis results

Analyze your customer data sources. Google Analytics and social media stats.

  • Describe the customer most representative of your targets
  • Describe the clientele you are looking for.

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